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Aircraft pump, actuator and engine boss ports require locked fluid connections.

Faber is the source with Port-Lok®.

Faber is a leading manufacturer of AS, MS, NAS and AN type aircraft fluid fittings, and is proud to be qualified to manufacture fittings to BAC (Boeing) and ABS and NSA (Airbus) standards, as well as 7D standards (Boeing/Douglas). Faber also manufactures a ball nose fitting series which are functionally interchangeable with AN flared fittings. These ball nose fittings were developed for aircraft engine applications (GEAC).

Severe vibration and flexure in aircraft pump, actuator and engine environments require a boss-type locked connection which prevents backing out of the fitting.

Faber provides the qualified Port-Lok series, and related installation tooling, as the solution.

Made for service up to 5080 psi in titanium material with A286 ring, meets/exceeds requirements of SAE AS18280, AS85421 and AS85720 and AS5000.