Standard Fittings Listing:

Aircraft fluid fittings to industry standards and to customer standards are what Faber is qualified for.

Our capabilities are even far more reaching.

Faber is a leading manufacturer of AS, MS, NAS and AN type aircraft fluid fittings, and is proud to be qualified to manufacture fittings to BAC (Boeing) and ABS and NSA (Airbus) standards, as well as 7D standards (Boeing/Douglas). Faber also manufactures a ball nose fitting series which are functionally interchangeable with AN flared fittings. These ball nose fittings were developed for aircraft engine applications (GEAC).

These fluid fittings are reconnectable flareless, flared and brazed fittings used to join vast networks of hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel and ECS systems on aircraft.

Faber’s engineering, coupled with their on-site test laboratory, enables customer support for special fitting designs when required.